Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy December!

Well... it's here. December. I have a love-hate relationship with the month of December. I love that my anniversary (today) is in December, I love having time off at Christmas to spend with my family. I love the magic of the holiday. I love baking cookies and I love preparing the big Christmas feast. It always leads to better things: turkey sandwiches with loads of mustard!

Which reminds me... have you seen this awesome video?? Jimmy Fallon's "We're up all night to get turkey." Too funny!

I both like and hate decorating the house. I love the festive feeling but hate the clutter, and I love having my house back to normal as soon as possible after Christmas. *sigh* I am an oxymoron of the holidays lol!

At any rate... it's here, and there is no postponing it, I suppose, so I better just make the best of it :)

My oldest son, in sea cadets, has been keeping us very busy! We went to our first Santa Claus parade last month, and it was chilly but fun. And tiring. All I did was sit on my keester and I was out for the count by 8 p.m.! Crazy fresh air, I guess. Every weekend he had some kind of event last month! I am glad this month is less busy for him :)

So let's talk cake! I did this one for a friend of a friend, and I loved the way it turned out. It was a 10-inch white cake and was originally supposed to be a Toopy and Binoo cake. The client couldn't find any kind of toys for the theme and ended up going with Dora. I am so glad that the colour scheme worked well either way :)


I'm also glad the client sent me the picture with the toys on top! I took pictures of it before it was picked up, and even though it looked great, the top seemed so bare. I had some leftover royal icing from another cake and used it to attach all the little pieces to the cake. I think royal icing is my new best friend, I have learned a valuable lesson when things don't stay attached! It would have made the Alice in Wonderland cupcakes a whole lot less stressful....

This next cake is one I just finished for a friend's son. She had soooo many ideas and pictures to show me, it was tough for her decide on just one lol! But she settled on the following design.

This ten inch white cake with almond buttercream was a delight to make. And since I was home on a personal day from work and everyone else in my family was at work/school, it was just me and the radio. It came together beautifully. I love the way his ears turned out (they are slightly indented to give a 3D effect) and I love his eyes! The hat turned out great too... Okay so I love the whole darn thing lol!
This is what the front of the cake looked like:

This is the first time I've used that technique for the border. I hadn't quite decided on what to do with the border, but I used this tool for Mario's mustache:

So I already had it out. I had quite a bit of red leftover from Mario's hat and decided to use it for the border... I'm so glad I did it this way! I did it in two pieces and found that by rolling the fondant up after it was cut, and unrolling it against the cake itself, it was able to keep it from stretching, and able to keep it straight.
Next weekend will have me creating two cakes, so check back then to see what's new!
Thanks for reading and stay sweet!