Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy New Year! Better Late Than Never!

How was your New Year? It was good here... but I have to admit, I am so glad the holidays are over and my house is back to normal, with normal routines! The chaos of the season is incredible and I am thankful for time with family, but it's just SO much!

I realized I didn't post a picture here of the cake I talked about in my previous post... so here it is!

Looking back on the entire disastrous evening... I am darn proud of this cake and think that even though it sucked going through all that, it was worth it :D

So things have settled down all around... including the cake-making. It's been a nice break, I have to admit... but I think I am ready to get back into it again. A few birthdays are coming up, and of course Valentine's Day! I am planning a special cake for my valentine! I am pretty excited about it! And a baby shower cake in March (yes, people are planning that far in advance and I LOVE it!)

So, if you have a special day coming up, let's talk! I can help you plan the cake that will keep your guests talking for months!

Stay sweet!