Sunday, July 22, 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Helloooooo! How are things with you?? I've been busy, busy!

If you're reading this, you've seen this cake on my cake page or as a reshare on Facebook. This was a lot of work, not gonna lie, but at the same time, it was a ton of fun!

The bottom is a ten inch chocolate raspberry truffle cake, which is technically a rich chocolate cake with a generous amount of raspberry jam thrown into the batter. The center is filled with raspberry mousse and it's lightly iced with chocolate buttercream.

The top tier is a simple chocolate-vanilla marble eight inch two layer cake, filled with whipped cream and iced with vanilla buttercream.

I did this cake during some extreme heat, and I have zero air-conditioning, and while that doesn't exactly earn me a medal by any means, there is something to be said for keeping everything from melting or warping. Fondant and heat do not do well together.

This cake was done up for a friend at work, for her daughter's birthday. I saw this cake almost two years ago and sooo wanted to do it... I bought a lot of the supplies for it because a client was interested in having this cake made for her daughter. Plans fell through, but I vowed that someday, I would get to make this cake.

My co-worker purchased the real Mermaid Barbie but gave me the Barbie portion of the doll, kept the tail for after the cake was eaten. She also purchased  plastic sea creatures for me at the dollar store, and bought seashell chocolates.

Once the cakes were baked, filled and iced, I put it all together the day before the event. I covered each tier in blue fondant. The tricky parts were trying to decide if I should decorate the tiers seperately, or after they were put together... I decided on the former. I did the bottom first. I made four balls of various colours of fondant, and made sea "greens" and sea sponge, rocks, seashells and flowers out of pink and purple... per the little girl's preferences. Then I added some of the plastic creatures and chocolates and added golden brown sugar for sand. Into the refrigerator it went.

Then I completed the top, but this time I didn't have to worry about the sand, and could decorate the top. I had a hard time trying to decide whether to put the doll partially IN the cake, which was the original plan, but ended up sitting her on top of the cake. I wrapped a piece of fondant around her legs (took a few tries and a cuss word or two because it fell apart and stretched). I really am thankful for my husband's input and help. These big cakes definitely need two heads!!! I managed to get the tail on right but then I wasn't sure how to get the design onto it. My wonderful husband was messing around with a fondant cutter for flowers and developed a nice scaly pattern on her tail. I finished it off.

After everything was in place on both cakes, I dusted all the fondant accents and plastic sea creatures in pearl dust to make them stand out just that little bit.

Once again, I needed my husband's help in trying to place the small tier on top of the bottom one. We managed, and then the tail tip fell off. GREAT! So I pieced it back on, fixed the pattern and added a couple of fondant flowers to it.

It had to be picked up right away because we had just done groceries and had no room in the fridge! the cake was a hit, I was very happy to make this little girl's wishes come true :)

Even though I have boys, they were quite impressed to see the detail work on the cake :)

That's all for me! Stay Sweet!