Thursday, April 25, 2013

Busy bee I am!

April has flown by, hasn't it? I mean, Wednesday is the beginning of MAY! And the stupid weather here still hasn't made a decision between winter and spring... so aggravating! I walk home from work, and I kid you not, I have a touque, gloves and an umbrella, and alternate between three different coats/jackets on a weekly basis because you just never know what the weather will bring! And that doesn't even include my kids' coats... It will be so nice to clear out the coat tree!

The beginning of April started my busiest month to date, and this is the cake it started with! A Smart car cake. The piping and fondant details together made this a really fun cake to make. Details on each cake in this blog can be found on my cake Facebook page, Denise's Custom Cakes.

Then the baby shower cake. I'm sorry but I really must brag about this one, because it's so stinkin' AWESOME! I mean, LOOK at the detail. And the inside had leopard print too :)

And then there was Elmo! This one was pretty easy to do. There are Elmo cake pans and whatnot, but I decided against that and used a picture of Elmo as a guide and recreated him with icing and fondant. I cheated and went with store-bought red icing, and I can justify this. I was told once that you will never get a red icing by using red to colour your buttercream. The same goes with black but I actually don't have any problems with black. So the choice was a pink Elmo or cheat and get a red Elmo :) I cheated and I have no regrets.

These are just some chocolate cupcakes I made for my family. Nothing special really, but with some of the yummies my family sees walking out the door, I have to make them treats too :)

The red velvet camping cake. I made this cake for my oldest son last year for his 12th birthday, because that was his request. Here's the strange thing.. while I love to be challenged and asked to do new things with cake that I've never done before, I also enjoy being asked to do repeats. It's a learning experience the first go around. A good example on this cake was the logs. On my son's cake, it was just rolled fondant, but on this one, I went as far as to use a knife all over the outside to give it a wood texture. I also used strictly fondant/gum paste to make the tent, whereas last year, I iced two graham cookies and put them together.

The crowning glory of the month of April was this one. A vanilla cake shaped like a purse. One of the best things about this cake, aside from it's stunning presentation lol... is that my husband helped me BIG time. First of all, he made the bow. All by himself. I had no idea how to even attempt the bow to be quite honest. So I need to ask my husband for advice the next time I need one! The other awesome thing is that he was around to bounce ideas off of. Even though this idea came from a book which described how to do it, we had to alter a couple of small things to make sure it was sturdy enough. I am so proud of this cake!

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Cupcakes for one family birthday, an ice cream cake for my son, who will become a teenager on Tuesday (eek!), research for an upcoming Las Vegas cake, a bridal shower to attend on Sunday and I am hoping to reconnect with my family at some point, since I haven't had much opportunity to spend quality time with them this week :(  I think a movie night is in store this weekend!

To my clients, thank you so much! Your ideas have led me to challenge myself and it's been awesome! I can't believe I can do some of this stuff LOL!

Stay sweet!