Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy May!

Isn't it great that the weather has finally broken? I know it's nearly Mother's Day and the temps are supposed to dip to ten degrees this weekend, but hey, a lot of us have started our gardening and our summer tans (mine always start out with a burn like the one I currently have, but at least I do mine in stages, and the kids are white as ghosts, so we are good parents, if not good examples). I've started doing the stairs again, after a two year hiatus... with the husband working nights for six years, it's tough to get around without a license (that's right, I don't drive, but I am an excellent driver... avoided a full-on collision when I had my beginners'). Once I get some colour to my skin and some workouts on the stairs under my belt, I'm gonna feel pretty damn sexy! :)

As long as I avoid the buttercream, of course. LOL! I have a sweet tooth.. I take after my dad, for sure. But, as much as I love cupcakes and cake, I try not to consume too much! (wine, on the other hand, is more of a weakness to me than chocolate!)

Moving onto cakes! I have been pretty busy the past few weeks, I am proud to say I've had steady business the past month and a half.. and Mother's Day is my first weekend off... in awhile.

This was a purse cake for my husband's boss' daughter, whom, on Twitter, posted that it was the "best cake evaaaa"... That's right... I'm not ashamed to brag. I am extremely proud to say that my husband helped me tremendously with this cake, and it's construction. If not for him, I'm truly not sure if it would have been as successful. For starters, he made the bow. All. By. Himself. Yes. And now I have to ask him how he did it, the next time I need to make a bow! How embarrassing is THAT? He helped with measuring, the trim, the handle, and most importantly, the transportation of the cake, since he brought it to work with him and he did NOT destroy it in the process! I married a gem! :D

Vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream made from a combination of shortening and butter, dowelled and covered in fondant... this was a true victory and I am so proud of my husband and myself!

This was an ice cream cake to celebrate my son's 13th birthday on April 30th. We went out to Mother's Pizza for dinner, and had a blast. He got a special dessert there, and in true teenager style, also helped demolish the treat I made for him. If you frequent Pinterest at all, search for ice cream cake, and it's the one using ice cream bars. Not complicated at all, but, my 6 year old loved every aspect of helping out, including rolling fondant balls (you can see a yellow one on the right and a bit of an orange one on the left, but there were more), and unwrapping the ice cream sandwich bars. Seeing him enjoy helping me was almost as much of a treat as seeing Tyler's expression when he was his cake. :)
And there you have it.. I'm officially an old bag, I have a teenager! LOL
About a year ago now, my youngest was in a JK/SK split class (first I had ever heard of a split kindergarten class), and made friends with a boy named Jacob. His class had a special picnic one day, and I left work early to attend. It was a windy but fairly warm day, and God bless 5 year olds and how excited they are to have their parents at their school. In ten years he won't be nearly as excited. Anyway, I had brought a blanket with me to work, and my husband had also packed one with Caleb, without my knowledge. When I got to the school, I was a little dismayed at having to bring extra stuff home, as I've said before, I don't drive, so I have to carry it all on the walk home. But he was excited to have me there and what else matters in life, really?
So, we are heading outside, and we were walking close to his friend, Jacob, and his mom and sister, when he very loudly announced we would all be sitting together. LOL Jacob's mom didn't have a blanket to sit on and we had two, so you can guess what happened. We shared blankets and stories and laughter and it was a friendship in the making.
I never thought I would be very close to my boys' friends' parents but there it was... and it's been awesome! We've gotten together several times and we have shared stories and life experiences and so much laughter. I adore this woman, and not only because she became a client, but because she is someone I call a friend. She is truly beautiful on the outside AND the inside.
She ordered a cake for her mom's birthday and this was her idea, through and through...
Her mom loved it, thank goodness! Vanilla cake with strawberry jam and whipped cream filling, the two dice were stacked brownies covered in fondant. Yum!
And last but not least... in a rush for this last picture because the husband is heading to bed and I hate being the last one up... A spaghetti cake! Chocolate cake baked in  an ovenproof glass mixing bowl with cherry buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream "pasta", Lindor chocolate truffle "meatballs", strawberry sauce and coloured icing sugar "parmesan". Yum! Brought this into work and it didn't survive the end of the day! Husband is still peeved he didn't get a piece LOL!

And these are my spring adventures so far. Stay sweet! ;)